Friday, 19 September 2014

Are you uni prepared?

Some of you may be returning to uni, going into a new house with new people or actually starting your very first year completely! Either way - so exciting! As most courses start around this time I thought I'd put together a little post of those random things you need but may forget and ideas of how to prettify those boring uni rooms. 

Here's a little peek into the details of my uni room!

Here are the sheets I have in my room, a nice bright floral pattern which completely change the atmosphere of the room. Remember these sheets will be with you when you're happy, sad, poorly and hungover, so pick some sheets that you really like rather than going for plain Jane ones!

This mass of cards, tickets and notes is actually all joined together by a heart memo board. I got this from an independent store where I live but you can get them fairly cheap on Amazon and ebay. This one I use for collecting all things which me and Zak have done together, but you could use it as a photo board or for storing memories of your life at home (so you can go to it when you're a little homesick!)

 I absolutely lurrve things like this. I've attached it to my wardrobe door because it makes me smile every day when I go to it. My Mum gave me this when I was feeling a little lost and just didn't know which direction to go in career wise so it's really special to me.

Windows and doors are perfect to hang things off of. I love dreamcatchers and even have one in my car, so there's a couple here, a Jagermeister flower garland (haha, typical uni giveaway!) and a cute little patchwork string of chickens, which are so random but lovely.

I had some really random storage when I got to my new house, this is almost like a display cupboard? I keep hair and beauty products on top but then have pretty things lower down: my Disneyland snow globe, shot glasses, a cute piggy bank and some juggling balls - this is a private joke between me and Zak, he said that I might get bored of him, so I said if he can juggle, he'll be fine (jokingly) so he bought me some for out first Christmas. 

These pillows are everywhere and I just love the retro theme it gives to my room. Also extra comfort for doing my make up and those all nighter essays!

I literally have an entire wall where I stick all things uni up, so wristbands, cards from placement and anything which anyone from uni has given me I put it up here. I think it's nicer to display things rather than throw them away. I'm excited to see what it will look like when I finish this year (my third and final).

I just think this postcard is hilarious and that's all there is to it.

 A cute sign Zak got me.

So that's a bit of what my room looks like and how I turned it into something which feels a bit more homely, now onto a list of things to remember when packing! 

White tac - for posters, pictures, etc. I'd recommend white tac instead of blue tac as it comes off the walls easier and generally doesn't leave a mark - crucial seeing as most unis don't like you putting up posters and may charge you if you damage your walls!

Onesie - for hangover days with extreme comfort.

Blanket - to keep you from getting cold when you're in the communal room; let's face it, lugging a big duvet is always a nightmare!

Door stop - more people will stop to say hi if your door is open!

Shot glasses - freshers week, need I say more?

Straws - to drink without smudging lipstick.

Washing basket/bag - no one wants to see stray pants everywhere!

Keyrings - for your new door key! I have loads so they're so heavy and jingly that I can always find them.

Mini magnetic whiteboard - perfect for sticking to the fridge to inform fellow housemates that some of you have gone to the student bar.

Docking station or mini plug in speaker for ipod - pre drinks/getting ready music.

Pens and pretty stationery - remember you do need to go to lectures and take notes! I did actually buy mine in my back to uni supermarket shop as I completely forgot!

Good luck to everyone starting uni or returning! Work hard but play hard too! 

cottonandcandie x


  1. Your set up looks so cute. Especially those bed sheets!

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

    1. Thanks! The bedsheets were literally from Asda I think haha, really brightens up my room though :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you lovely! Think it was literally from eBay or asda! xx

  3. i really like this post, i think it's always interesting and inspiring to see what peoples rooms look like! if you still read this comment, what uni do you go to?:) xx

    1. Aw thank you! I always read all my comments because luckily they send me an email! I go to Roehampton in London :) Have you just started uni? Xx


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