Monday, 8 September 2014

OOTD: All black everything & The statement Doc Martens

I can't say I've worn black on black on black since high school where my uniform was a black jumper with black trousers and black shoes - a fourteen year old's goth-emo dream. All black everything is seen as a fail safe outfit choice for many people, or rather nearly all black everything if you're trying to direct someone's gaze, in this case towards my pewter metallic Doc Martens.

I literally based this outfit around my beautiful footwear, keeping everything as plain as possible to avoid a huge colour clash as the colour of these really are something; they seem to change from silver to purple in different light. I wore a black loose H&M crop, New look high waisted jeans and my daily Next Dixie Rose black handbag. The white fur of the Topshop leather jacket is the only other colour in this outfit, wearing this gave the look a bit of a biker chick vibe. 

If you've never worn Docs before I can tell you that at first you'll think they're the biggest mistake of your life. Wearing them in can be painful and often they get shoved to the back of the wardrobe in favour of blister-free feet. Wear them round the house with thick socks for a while before wearing them out for a day, I can tell you that once you get past wearing them in you may fall hopelessly in love.

Have you ever tried Doc Martens? What colour/s do you have?

cottonandcandie x


  1. love your docs! they're my fav shoes. I have pink, dark red and black; all shiny. xx

  2. Thanks! I have patent black too :) So glad the colder weather is coming so I can wear them again xx


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