Monday, 29 September 2014

Disappointing products: Nivea 3 in 1 micellar what?

Cleansing water.. about as useful as regular water. 

Now I'm not one to downright slate something so let's go through the positives first. There's something very pure about using a product which is completely clear, it feels like no harsh chemicals are going onto your body. But then I also can't help but admit that it feels like I've paid for water I could get from a tap..
It lasts fairly well, I really soaked the cotton wool pads in liquid and it didn't go down anywhere near as much as expected. So that's a bonus: a little goes a long way. 

It feels gentle on the skin, but then this is in comparison to tugging at my make up with a regular make up wipe. It says on the bottle "no need to rub or rinse", however if you want to get any form of eye make up off then you definitely need to be dabbing for a long time. I tried really soaking the cotton wool pads and resting them on my eyes for a good few minutes, which as you can see from my photos, did not work at all. I think it did a little of my mascara and that's about it.. It mainly seemed to just move the dark make up smudges around my face, rather than actually get rid of them. The cleansing water also left my skin feeling tacky, as though, it wasn't still particularly, y'know, cleansed. So there was still a need to rinse after all.

It prides itself on using no perfumes, colours or parabens which is obviously what you should look for in a cleanser as it means it is less likely to irritate your skin. Although, it didn't actually smell very nice. I was actually very surprised that it actually left my eyes stinging and weeping a bit, which I was shocked considering the "no perfumes, colours or parabens" claim.

But apart from that, it's wonderful. (I hope you guys can detect sarcasm).

Have you tried Nivea's cleansing water? What did you think? 

cottonandcandie x

Saturday, 27 September 2014

OOTD: Diesel and dark florals.

 What a lovely shot by Zak.

These Diesel jeans. 20 pounds.. 
The things you can find in TK Maxx! 

- Admittedly, I have tried to sell these Diesel jeans. I loved them at first sight, the colour is beautiful, the length (almost) fits me and of course, they're Diesel. But I did fall out with them as they're just so low rise. You can see from the photos that they start at wayyy below my belly button/dream catcher belly bar and even just a slight lean can result in them becoming too low rise. Do you get me?

I based my outfit around these jeans, I dug them out and thought how I could wear them in Autumn. Of course my inner tomboy swayed me to wear black, after all I am wearing a real girlie dusty pink. I'm wearing a black basic strappy top (H&M) with a black crop (also H&M). Layers darling, can't be cold! 
Excitedly, I realised that I could also wear my one and only kimono. It's by Boohoo and I'm scared to buy another kimono because I don't think anything can top it. It's made of almost velvety material and it's so soft and surprisingly warm! The dark florals and slight shine to it mean it's perfect for Autumn and Winter and I often slip it in to Spring and Summer outfits too - it is floral after all! 

Pointed black flats George at Asda, mentioned in a post agesss ago here for a feminine yet sassy finish and I also wore a scrunchie which matched the jeans. I love matching colours in an outfit. This was made and dyed for me by a friend, I have them in pink, blue and green. 

Pink for Autumn? What do you think? 

cottonandcandie x

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The retro matte lip.

Definitely my most favourite lipstick I have ever owned. And my boyfriend (and his gay friend) picked it out for me for our anniversary. I know, do they make more of him anywhere? I'll have to ask him. 
This is Mac's Viva Glam I. There are six Viva Glam's (not including Rhianna's) and this is the very first one, created in 1994. Buying a Viva Glam lipstick means it will have red packaging and the full RRP of the lipstick goes to help families effected by HIV and AIDS. 

Need I say more? 
Okay I will. The idea of it being a retro matte really makes me squeal. Like I feel like I've been swooped back to the 40s, the red lip era. 

Viva Glam I is a brownish red, (the above photos are completely unedited), really deep, really dramatic. I've been looking for this exact shade for ages now and I still can't believe Zak picked it for me. Of course it is a little drying on the lips as it is a matte lipstick. Naturally, absolutely no shine usually equates to dry lips.
And just a teeenie sidenote.. It's one of those lipsticks that just will not stay on that slightly inner bit of your lip. You can see this in the second from last photo, and this was just after application! 

But for a colour as powerful as this, I really really do not mind. 

Have you tried a Mac Viva Glam?   

cottonandcandie x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

OOTD: Vintage vixen

My last shift was today before I go back to uni! So after work I changed into this before heading out to have dinner with a friend at Wagamamas.

This gorgeous printed shirt was a find at Brick lane in one of their Vintage shops. It's suuuper oversized which just makes it all the more comfy. Make sure to either cinch in the waist or tuck a corner in though when wearing an overzied shirt; you don't want it looking like it's drowning you! I love the Autumnal vibe this shirt brings with the colours however I have also worn this in Summer with a pair of high-waisted Levi's, so it is a piece which can take you through most of the year.

I teamed this with a standard pair of black leggings which were probably from Select or George at Asda (so cheap yet such good quality!!) and my black floppy hat which I bought for holiday, see my Holiday hoard post here

This is also the second time in a row which my OOTD has featured Doc Martens. For me these are such an Autumn/Winter shoe as you can wear them in the most miserable of weather and won't get cold, wet or slip over! These are a patent black pair, my other pair are a pewter metallic colour which I featured in my last OOTD post

Sunglasses are from Crete, can't go wrong with some Fake bans!

What have you been wearing recently? Have you been to Brick lane yet? 

cottonandcandie x 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mac Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow: Amberluxe

(Last photo from

For mine and Zak's first anniversary (of being together, not married, I'm only 21!) he bought me this beautiful Mac eye palette and a lipstick - boy did good. The palette is from a line of Veluxe pearlfusion shadow palettes, this one is called Amberluxe as the main colour which stands out in this palette is the gorgeous medium orange.

For this look I used the third or middle shade which looks like your standard brown. This colour is entirely different to how it looks in the palette. As you can see from my photos above it goes on as a coppery bronze which was really easy to apply as it was so pigmented. 
I then dabbed on the first shade in the inner corner of my eye with the first shade in the palette which is a yellow toned white, which provided a sheer yet shimmery look to the inner corner of my eye. 

In my opinion it didn't wear very well compared to the Naked palette I recently purchased which was disappointing considering the price (Naked palette at 37 for twelve shadows and Mac palette 30 for just five). But bear in mind this was worn working in a kitchen for eight hours and I am of course comparing Mac to Urban Decay, two very different brands. However as the palette is easy to fit in your clutch bag this isn't a big issue for me as you can apply on the go.

Since writing this I have braved the orange shade, it can look a bit like your eyes are pretty sore if you just use it on its own but blended with the yellow tone on the inner corner and the dark brown on the outer it can be a really unique look! 

Have you tried a Mac eye palette? Which one is your favourite or are lusting after? 

cottonandcandie x

Friday, 19 September 2014

Are you uni prepared?

Some of you may be returning to uni, going into a new house with new people or actually starting your very first year completely! Either way - so exciting! As most courses start around this time I thought I'd put together a little post of those random things you need but may forget and ideas of how to prettify those boring uni rooms. 

Here's a little peek into the details of my uni room!

Here are the sheets I have in my room, a nice bright floral pattern which completely change the atmosphere of the room. Remember these sheets will be with you when you're happy, sad, poorly and hungover, so pick some sheets that you really like rather than going for plain Jane ones!

This mass of cards, tickets and notes is actually all joined together by a heart memo board. I got this from an independent store where I live but you can get them fairly cheap on Amazon and ebay. This one I use for collecting all things which me and Zak have done together, but you could use it as a photo board or for storing memories of your life at home (so you can go to it when you're a little homesick!)

 I absolutely lurrve things like this. I've attached it to my wardrobe door because it makes me smile every day when I go to it. My Mum gave me this when I was feeling a little lost and just didn't know which direction to go in career wise so it's really special to me.

Windows and doors are perfect to hang things off of. I love dreamcatchers and even have one in my car, so there's a couple here, a Jagermeister flower garland (haha, typical uni giveaway!) and a cute little patchwork string of chickens, which are so random but lovely.

I had some really random storage when I got to my new house, this is almost like a display cupboard? I keep hair and beauty products on top but then have pretty things lower down: my Disneyland snow globe, shot glasses, a cute piggy bank and some juggling balls - this is a private joke between me and Zak, he said that I might get bored of him, so I said if he can juggle, he'll be fine (jokingly) so he bought me some for out first Christmas. 

These pillows are everywhere and I just love the retro theme it gives to my room. Also extra comfort for doing my make up and those all nighter essays!

I literally have an entire wall where I stick all things uni up, so wristbands, cards from placement and anything which anyone from uni has given me I put it up here. I think it's nicer to display things rather than throw them away. I'm excited to see what it will look like when I finish this year (my third and final).

I just think this postcard is hilarious and that's all there is to it.

 A cute sign Zak got me.

So that's a bit of what my room looks like and how I turned it into something which feels a bit more homely, now onto a list of things to remember when packing! 

White tac - for posters, pictures, etc. I'd recommend white tac instead of blue tac as it comes off the walls easier and generally doesn't leave a mark - crucial seeing as most unis don't like you putting up posters and may charge you if you damage your walls!

Onesie - for hangover days with extreme comfort.

Blanket - to keep you from getting cold when you're in the communal room; let's face it, lugging a big duvet is always a nightmare!

Door stop - more people will stop to say hi if your door is open!

Shot glasses - freshers week, need I say more?

Straws - to drink without smudging lipstick.

Washing basket/bag - no one wants to see stray pants everywhere!

Keyrings - for your new door key! I have loads so they're so heavy and jingly that I can always find them.

Mini magnetic whiteboard - perfect for sticking to the fridge to inform fellow housemates that some of you have gone to the student bar.

Docking station or mini plug in speaker for ipod - pre drinks/getting ready music.

Pens and pretty stationery - remember you do need to go to lectures and take notes! I did actually buy mine in my back to uni supermarket shop as I completely forgot!

Good luck to everyone starting uni or returning! Work hard but play hard too! 

cottonandcandie x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Instagram: cottonandcandie

Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know that cottonandcandie is now on Instagram!
I love following bloggers on insta to see what they're getting up to and knowing when their posts are going live. 
I have my own personal insta but this will be one just for all you beauty and fashion lovelies. 
Come and give me a follow or say hi if you're an Instagram lover like me!

cottonandcandie x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

OOTD: My go to comfies to travel in.

I wore this outfit to travel from Suffolk back to London, so because I was going to be travelling for over three hours I definitely needed comfort!

I always wear leggings when travelling anywhere, I love how soft they are and how they don't bunch up or make you feel restricted in any way. They're great for me as I usually cross my legs and release my inner yogi and end up in some weird position as I try and sleep. I have such a large leggings collection in loads of different patterns and can barely go into Primark without getting a pair. Considering they're cheap they're really quite good quality!

I love this checkered design as they remind me of the black and white Joni jeans by Topshop which I'm desperately lusting after. 
I wore the leggings with my Vans shirt which I love, I've wanted one for ages and my sister got it for me from the Vans store for my birthday. It took me ages to figure out that they actually do boys sizes which fit girls - I was trying the mens on for ages which were huge on me! This is a medium and still quite a loose fit. 
However, I'm really disappointed with the quality of it, I have only worn and washed it once and already the Vans script has faded considerably. 

I wore this with Converse to complete the monochrome look (although I did put on a very bright bobble hat later!). I thought it could be a bit much with a Vans shirt and Vans shoes! Or does this make me a traitor to Vans!?
I also left my hair in its tousled natural state in a middle parting to compliment the skater vibe of this outfit. 
This super warm and bright bobble hat is actually from Tescos! When I was packing up my tent from Reading festival I got absolutely soaked and needed something warm (and pretty) to cheer myself up a bit. 
What do you travel in?
cottonandcandie x