Monday, 18 August 2014

Want to know me better?

I thought I'd do quite an unconventional post for cottonandcandie and write 50 facts about me. I've seen a few Vloggers on YouTube giving this a try and considering I haven't tried Vlogging yet I thought I'd do a good old written version. Also as this is a relatively new blog I feel like it'd be cool if I let you guys get to know me a little more.
1 I have a hopeless sense of direction even in the place I live.
2 I have a thing for rings and wear three rings on my right hand always. My cheapie rings I swap around with my outfits but I always only wear gold on my left and silver on my right.
3 I collect £2 coins and when I feel my piggy bank's pretty heavy I open it up and spend it on something I've been lusting after. Usually a pair of shoes!
4 I cannot stand beards!
5 I wear vans or converse with everything from jeans to summer dresses, I'm desperately trying to kick this habit in a bid to be more girlie! (Aha, kick, shoes).
6 (I love a good pun)
7 I'm a real boy when it comes to films, my favourites are Snatch and the Fast and Furious collection.
8 I'm trying to visit 50 countries/islands by the time I'm 50, and seeing as I'm 21 and have been to 21 I think I'm on track!
9 At one point I had thirteen piercings.
10 I hate cheese (please don't unfollow me).
11 I really enjoy looking at art and geometric patterns which is naff because I am so uncreative and cannot draw in the slightest (which is fun being the girlfriend of a tattoo artist).
12 Vintage cars are the best.
13 - My first car was a Fiat 126.
14 My natural hair colour is a mousy brown.
15 I am training to be a teacher at Roehampton university
16 I had a car accident on the A14 two years ago and it really got me thinking about everything, hence the tattoo down my side: Life is too short to be anything but happy.
18 I have really ugly feet which are like my Dad's and they're like proper flat, cheers Dad.
19 Lipstick is my passion, I try to wear it every day.
20 I love green. The colour, not the plant.
21 I'm a shortie at 5 foot 2, even my younger sister is shorter than me!
22 My car was born in the same year as me, it's a cute little Clio and it looks and sounds like a boy racer car - neon lights, tinted windows the lot.
23 I'm a sucker for a good muscly back.
24 I have zero sense of smell, so everyone's wincing away holding their noses and I'm there not phased like I've made the smell haha.
25 I have a collection of shot glasses from different countries and buy one every time I go on holiday.
(Half way!)
26 It sucks that I'm too old to go in a kid's play park anymore. The see saws, the slides, I miss it!
27 On the top of my forehead is a really quite big scar, I got it from tripping into a giant plant pot, haha!
28 I am hopeless at History, I have no idea about dates or anything.
29 I wear two ankle bracelets on my right ankle, I got one from Cornwall and one my friend bought me. They're like a cotton/thread friendship bracelet style. They say that when they eventually fall off you make a wish and it will come true! I've had two before but I can't remember what I wished for.
30 My eyes are a really odd colour, like bluey greeny grey, and I have a brown fleck in one of them.
31 My favourite alcoholic drink is Fireball whiskey and apple juice, it tastes like cinnamon sweets!
32 I worked in a special school for two months, it was an incredible experience and so so rewarding.
33 The idea of karaoke is TERRIFYING!
34 I've never broken a bone, touch wood!
(Zak has had to help me with this, it's so difficult to find really random facts!)
35 I've lived in London the past two years because of uni and I absolutely love it. (Don't tell my mum, she desperately wants me to come back to Suffolk!)
36 My music taste is so varied, I like Reggae and am obsessed with Bastille, but then I love a bit of Drake and Eminem as well as Rock and House.
37 I've been swimming with sharks.
38 Watching a film really bores me, I prefer a good chat.
39 I lurrrve spicy food
40 I really want more tattoos but training to be a teacher means it's quite difficult to hide them away - some schools are a bit funny about it :(
41 When I was younger I loved the spice girls and wanted to be Posh spice. I think this is quite cool seeing as VB is now an amazing fashion designer. I read an article about her in Vogue recently and she seems so down to earth!
42 I'm really superstitious when it comes to magpies, I totally do the whole one for sorrow two for joy thing.
43 I'm known to most people as Em, but it freaks me out when people who barely know me call me it. And my parents call me Lemon and they can't remember why.
44 I think Marilyn Monroe was beautiful. I love how confident she seemed and how she was always smiling or laughing in photos.
45 In primary school we kept caterpillars to see the life cycle of them turning into a butterfly and I saw one come out of its cocoon. I completely forgot to tell my mum when I saw her so my teacher had to remind me.
46 - I am so forgetful.
47 I have a ring which I got for my 16th birthday, a pandora bracelet which I got for my 18th birthday and a pandora ring which I got for my recent 21st birthday.
48 I once saw Professor Green walking along the walking escalators of the Jubilee line.
49 Mayo is just incredible. I have it with everything.
50 Naps are the greatest idea ever. I would definitely consider moving to Spain just to have a siesta every day.
There we go, 50 really random facts about me, do you think you know me better? Are any of my facts the same for you?
Comment below and write a fact about yourself!
cottonandcandie x

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