Thursday, 21 August 2014

OOTD: In the beginning it was all black and white.

I finally found the most perfect round sunglasses! 
I've tried millions of pairs but they were all a bit too big of John Lennon small making me look a bit psychedelic. These are a fakie pair of Ray bans from a market in Crete - only €8! I love the tint on them, it goes from blue to green to yellow in different light. They also claim to be 100 UV protection - impressive!

This OOTD is a monochrome look which I haven't really been doing this Summer but I needed an excuse to wear my tropical headband from Topshop (sadly no longer available). The plain black strappy top is from Peacocks (so underrated, if you haven't got a Primark near you Peacocks is perfect for basics!) and the white skort is from Quiz. The skort is so white (at the moment! I'm definitely not trusting myself to wash it!) so the contrast between the top and skort looks really sharp. 

I put my hair up in a really high bun and looped the excess hair from the bun around the hairband. I'm doing this a lot at the moment as my hair is getting longer (yay!) but not long enough to have a decent sized messy bun - but I'll get there! After this I popped on the headband and secured it in place with white grips - it was so windy in Crete and I've got the sort of head shape that headbands just will not stay put! 

Have you been rocking monochrome this Summer?

cottonandcandie x

P.s. - I'm going to Reading fest this weekend! I've scheduled a couple of posts and hopefully my camera will last to do a few OOTD posts when I get back :)


  1. You are so beautiful! I love your outfit and how you've done your hair :) i'd love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Wow thank you so much!! Of course :) xxx


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