Friday, 15 August 2014

OOTD: Braving the bodysuit

(Please excuse laughing shots, Zak was my handyman with a camera and was making me laugh). 

For my birthday my Mum got me a bodysuit from Hype and the first chance I got to wore it was on holiday. 

It's made from Polyester and it's sooo soft. The predominant colour is coral with Chinese flowers in a white and a pale lemon. It also has leaves in a green which really compliments the coral. It has a really low scooped back which I love, I think there's something so sexy about backless clothing! 

I've never worn a bodysuit before and always thought they were a bit odd and that I wouldn't know what to wear them with. Here I styled it with a black skater skirt from New look and my pointed toe flats from George at Asda - which still really rub the back of my feet! I also wore my upper arm bangle which I bought from eBay, you might remember it from my Holiday hoard post

I actually found it really comfortable to wear! It does feel like a swimming costume as it's quite thin which does seem a bit weird to wear when you're not headed to the pool but as I was in Crete I welcomed the coolness it brought. 

Two problems, one is the backless bit because obviously a bra is a no no. I feel pretty self conscious without a bra on so was forever folding my arms over my chest haha! Also you have to get completely naked when you go to the toilet. With a playsuit obviously it's a bit of a chore but in a bodysuit when you can't wear a bra it really does leave you starkers sitting on the loo! 

Wearing this on holiday I was obviously limited to the clothes that I brought with me to pair the bodysuit with. Once I get home I might choose to wear it with my white Joni high waisted jeans, a midi skirt or some Levi's shorts. 

Just quickly looked at the label of the bodysuit and it had this quote by Albert Einstein. Really inspiring!  

Have you tried a bodysuit yet? What did you think? 

cottonandcandie x 

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