Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Holiday hoard

I leave for Crete tomorrow, eeek! I've just finished packing so I thought I'd post some of my holiday picks.

First up is my new crush, a black floppy hat from H&M. Last time I went on holiday I had a really bad reaction to the sun (I know, could I be more unfortunate?) so now it's even more important for me to protect my face from the rays. A floppy hat can immediately formalise a look, it makes me feel so glamorous! I wasn't sure about it at first as the hat was a bit stiff making me look like an extra out of Zorro, but bending it about a bit means it sits just right now.

A bright coloured nail polish is a must for any holiday, I can't go anywhere without painted toes, even in winter! This is a Barry M Gelly hi shine in passion fruit with a Barry M matte topcoat, review of this here.

My Aussie faves: 3 minute miracle reconstructor for damaged hair and miracle recharge moisture leave in conditioner. A combination of them both means my hair stays in good condition even with being in the sun and in and out of the sea all day. The leave in conditioner is also perfect to take with you to the beach to spritz in after you've been in the sea.

Holidays mean I finally have time to read a magazine without feeling guilty that I should be working! My holiday reads for the next week are a couple of Vogue magazines and the latest Company. I may even treat myself to Glamour magazine at the airport seeing as the latest one comes with a chubby stick which I've been just dying to try!

Along with a floppy hat I'll also be wearing these amazing cat eye tortoiseshell sunglasses. The cat eye shape is something I'm loving at the moment and definitely a change to my usual Ray bans.

My iPod, need I say more?

Now the upper arm bracelet isn't exactly a holiday essential but I got it recently and wanted to say a bit about it. It coils round three times and is a cute little snake design. It's easy to bend so it can fit the top of your arm perfectly. Looks gorgeous with a bold patterned dress which would be too much with a necklace. This is another eBay purchase, you know how much I love an eBay bargain!

I've been faithful to Piz Buin sun care for years now and that's not about to change, they pride themselves on being non greasy and non sticky and being a spray it meant that you don't get that ghostly white sheen that you sometimes get with a cream. I always remember that Lloyd's pharmacy advert from years ago which said anything under 15 just isn't worth wearing and I always stick by that, this is a 30 and I've also bought a 50 just in case I major burn! (Likely with my pale skin!)

Of course with nail polish you also need nail polish remover. I always use quickies, a box of little pads already soaked in nail polish remover which saves you bringing cotton wool balls and nail polish remover - the less liquid in your suitcase the less worry of it exploding and going all over your holiday wardrobe!

Next is a hair band and a headband of the same bright, tropical design from Topshop (I just couldn't choose between the two!) I get really bored of wearing my hair up all the time to sunbathe so I thought these would make a nice change. The headband can also be used to strategically place to hide and cover up that dreaded hairline sunburn!

Last but not least of course, bikinis! These are my favourite two but both very different in price, the top one is Floozie from a good few years ago, very expensive but I've worn it to death and I love that it can be strapless or halter neck. The bottoms are also really cute with the little pink bows! Underneath is a good old George at Asda one, I love the leopard print combined with the neon almost tie dye effect. It also has a cheeky bit of padding in the top, shh!

Anything essential I've missed? Have you been on holiday this year?

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