Sunday, 24 August 2014

Anti-ageing cream in your twenties?

Recently I've really been paying attention to my skin, particularly on my face. I've especially been trying to protect my face from the sun this Summer. Seeing as I wear bronzer every day there isn't really a need for me to let the sun damage my face just to be a slight darker shade when I can do this with make up myself. Is it really worth harming ourselves for the sake of sun kissed skin? Don't get me wrong I love a tan, but without factor 50 on my deathly pale face I really do burn, usually leaving me with a Rudolph style nose. Yes it looks pretty hilarious at the time, but will it be as funny later on in life when you're counting your age spots and crow's feet?

I spoke to a woman I met on holiday about the importance of SPF, especially on our faces. She really does take care of her skin, constantly applying high factor sun cream and moisturising her entire body every day religiously - the latter also being part of my daily routine. We then moved on to talk about anti-wrinkle cream (most of which include SPF) and the benefits of starting when you're young, before you may even have any wrinkles at all!

She said she started wearing anti-wrinkle cream at the age of 21, the same age that I am now, and she really does have beautiful skin. We spoke about how she doesn't spend much and usually just goes for the cream that is on offer a the time. She's unsure if it has worked per sé, but likes to think that if she had not used it she would be a lot wrinklier than she is now! 

I'm fairly sure that a cream couldn't actually get rid of any wrinkles I have currently (I'm beginning to get smile lines similar to that of a Pug) but I know in years to come I would wonder how much smoother my skin could have been if I do start now. 

Anybody currently using an anti-ageing cream? Any recommendations on a cream that works but doesn't break the bank?

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