Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pretty in pink

So yesterday I manned up and finally dyed my hair pink with the hair dye the boyfriend bought me for Christmas (I know, seven months it took me!). 

The dye is Rosé by Bleach London, a brand of beautifully bright semi permanent dyes which last 2-10 washes and definitely do not disappoint! 

Zak bought me Rosé which I've used just in time for Wireless fest this weekend and Blullini which I will be using and reviewing just before I go to Reading fest. I feel blue will go more with the grungy vibe? 

Compared to most hair dyes it smells gorgeous. Which makes a change from the ammonia aroma I usually fill the room with when doing my roots - sorry Mum! On opening the bottle the colour looks a cute baby pink as pictured below. 

Do not be fooled. I applied a small amount to a sheet of white paper and the colour was barely noticeable. Came back to it ten minutes later and WOW. Absolute highlighter pink!

Which is the colour it went on my hair! Was very on edge for those painfully long fifteen minutes I had to keep the colour on for! But post wash it went a real candy floss pink which I have fallen in love with. 

The only con to this product for me is that where I recently bleached my roots the colour did not take at all! So it's given me a sort of grown out look, but according to my Nan it doesn't look quite as "loud" so I guess we're all winners! 

cottonandcandie x

Bleach London in Rosé £5 from Boots

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