Thursday, 24 July 2014

OOTD: Uni celebrations!

Today I went to an Indian restaurant with my family because they wanted to celebrate my grades (cuties). I'm in my second year of a Primary Education degree at university and managed to get a 2:1 for the year - very chuffed with that seeing as I had so much time off due to having glandular fever! So it was time to celebrate with my favourite type of food. 

Stupidly, I wore my high waisted white joni jeans from Topshop, an aztec bralet - Soul cal and a loose camisole from New Look. I say stupidly because I went out in the lightest coloured outfit to eat very brightly coloured food. When will I learn? 

These Joni jeans are my favorite. I love everything possible about them. The cut, length and the fit. It takes a lot for me to be brave and wear white but I've had so many compliments off of them that getting the courage to wear them doesn't seem a big deal anymore. They're also high waisted which I adore. Anything high waisted is a yes from me, it means you can wear all of those tops which are a little too short - buying the joni's seemed to open up my wardrobe options so much! 

I really like the layered look with this, especially all of the colours seeing as the jeans give it a blank canvas to play with. The orange strap is part of a La senza front closure racer back bra which is great to wear with tops without a conventional strap line. 

The Aztec bralet was a piece which sat in my drawer for a good two years before I really made the effort to wear it. It works well under a plain top to save your dignity if it's is a bit too low or a top that has a wide arm hole (is that what it's called? Haha!) and is nicer to wear than a plain old bandeau. 

I also bought two pieces of head jewellery and this really pretty piece came today! It's a bit much just for dinner but I'm really looking forward to wearing it. And they're so so cheap on eBay if you get them from abroad and don't mind waiting!

cottonandcandie x 

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