Saturday, 19 July 2014

My hair miracle worker

Anti breakage Keratin oil shampoo and conditioner 

That time has come again. The time where you run out of shampoo and conditioner and embark on the quest to find new and magical hair products that will tame your tresses. You always choose wrong once. Or like me, are always choosing wrong. Yes I want strong, healthy hair but I also want long mermaid hair.. But can we have both? 

So there I was sitting on the floor of Boots peering into the shelves with my hands already laden with bottles when a lady approached me asking if I needed any help. Describing my dilemma she instantly took me towards the OGX range. She recommended Anti Breakage Keratin oil shampoo and conditioner and explained that the keratin proteins in the products strengthen the strands of your hair. Stronger hair means less breakage, which can often be the problem if you seem to have been growing your hair for ages with no success. Breakage can be caused by washing the hair too much, bleaching, brushing and any form of heat applied to the hair, if you simply can't stand to change your hair styling routine then this product needs to be on your shopping list. 

Other benefits of anti breakage keratin oil shampoo and condition are that it smells divine. - There's nothing worse than buying a "miracle worker" for your hair and not being able to stand the smell! 
Being part of the organix range the products also contain argan oil, which gave my hair a great shine - important for us blondies! Blonde can often look dull if you're not careful! 

Only one photo for this blog because I've left both products at uni! Really missing them! 

What's your hair miracle worker? 

cottonandcandie x 

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