Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Moody Monday's shopping spree

Yesterday was Monday, any working girl's saddest day of the week. We only just got into the swing of weekend life and now it's been cruelly stripped away like a rug from under our pedicured feet. 

After working 7-3 in the far from glamorous job of a catering assistant I thought I'd treat myself to a little shopping spree. £58.91 later (did I say little shopping spree? Thank god for student discount!) I came out with five  summery pieces from New Look which are just screaming to be taken out to barbecues and pub gardens. 

Firstly I tried on this gorgeous skater dress, the colour is to die for, I'm all about the loud highlighter shades recently. I love the contrast between the fitted black lace and the floaty yellow-green. I think the lace really transforms the simple skater dress look. 

The rest of these are all New Look 915 range, basically the kiddies section - don't be embarrassed to try on and buy children's clothes if you can - remember they're tax free! 

My love for skorts is never-ending. Is there a better thing than looking girlie in a skirt but with the safety of shorts underneath so you can sit cross legged with dignity? No I don't think there is. Eternal love. This bright geometric print drew me in instantly, I've seen a similar pattern on a dress which sadly didn't suit me so I had to grab this! The black crop top is also New Look 915, the large lace trim at the end gives it that extra bit of length which, I think, is a bit more flattering than the boob tube style. 

Another yellow-green hue and another geometric print. I picked this up and knew I didn't really need to try it on. I love these sort of dresses where they can be worn day or night with just a quick change of accessories and shoes. The length of this is also really good for me, a little longer to the knee and my legs can look non existent! 

I love this beachy looking lace dress, there's something about white that makes me think of being at the sea side - abroad soon hopefully! I don't often wear white because I'll get something down it before I leave the house but I'm trying to be brave! Need to be careful in this though because in the right light you can see straight through it! 

What are your recent summer buys? Any shorties out there that know of any other shops that do children's sections or petite? 

cottonandcandie x 


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