Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Killer flats

Starting this blog I've begun to realise that I have NO SHOES. Every outfit I'm desperately trying to crop my feet out so that you don't all have to see my mud ridden white converse (which my Mum kindly washed for me the other day, thanks Mum.) I'm a massive fan of Vans and since starting uni in 2012 Vans are the only shoes I've bought. They're super comfy, have really great grip as they're skater shoes (good for maintainiing dignity in Winter!) and they give that little bit extra height which is ideal for a shortie like me!

I wanted shoes which are feminine and Summery but aren't sandals - so I don't have to show my feet. I have my Dad's feet, sadly.
Popping into Asda of all places I found these two pairs. Feminine, tick! Summery, half-tick - as one pair are black, haha!

The first pair I chose were a pair of plain black pointed toe flats/ballet pumps. These are really sturdy and are surprisingly comfortable around the toes. Only problem with these is they have rubbed the back of my feet, but with some carefully placed sexy looking plasters I'm sure I can wear them in. I've always wanted a pair of pointed toe shoes, I think there's something timeless about a pointed toe which can make you feel just that little more dressed up.

The second pair I chose were a bold floral pattern of lots of bright colours on a black background. These are sooo comfy and soft that they almost feel like slippers! They're not as sturdy as my first pair but at 6 pound I really can't grumble! At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to match them with anything in my wardrobe but since buying them I've paired them with a LBD and my white Joni Topshop jeans with a plain top. 

Have you found any cheap flats anywhere? Or are you a Vans fan like me?

cottonandcandie x

Both pairs: George at Asda


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