Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Killer flats

Starting this blog I've begun to realise that I have NO SHOES. Every outfit I'm desperately trying to crop my feet out so that you don't all have to see my mud ridden white converse (which my Mum kindly washed for me the other day, thanks Mum.) I'm a massive fan of Vans and since starting uni in 2012 Vans are the only shoes I've bought. They're super comfy, have really great grip as they're skater shoes (good for maintainiing dignity in Winter!) and they give that little bit extra height which is ideal for a shortie like me!

I wanted shoes which are feminine and Summery but aren't sandals - so I don't have to show my feet. I have my Dad's feet, sadly.
Popping into Asda of all places I found these two pairs. Feminine, tick! Summery, half-tick - as one pair are black, haha!

The first pair I chose were a pair of plain black pointed toe flats/ballet pumps. These are really sturdy and are surprisingly comfortable around the toes. Only problem with these is they have rubbed the back of my feet, but with some carefully placed sexy looking plasters I'm sure I can wear them in. I've always wanted a pair of pointed toe shoes, I think there's something timeless about a pointed toe which can make you feel just that little more dressed up.

The second pair I chose were a bold floral pattern of lots of bright colours on a black background. These are sooo comfy and soft that they almost feel like slippers! They're not as sturdy as my first pair but at 6 pound I really can't grumble! At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to match them with anything in my wardrobe but since buying them I've paired them with a LBD and my white Joni Topshop jeans with a plain top. 

Have you found any cheap flats anywhere? Or are you a Vans fan like me?

cottonandcandie x

Both pairs: George at Asda


Thursday, 24 July 2014

OOTD: Uni celebrations!

Today I went to an Indian restaurant with my family because they wanted to celebrate my grades (cuties). I'm in my second year of a Primary Education degree at university and managed to get a 2:1 for the year - very chuffed with that seeing as I had so much time off due to having glandular fever! So it was time to celebrate with my favourite type of food. 

Stupidly, I wore my high waisted white joni jeans from Topshop, an aztec bralet - Soul cal and a loose camisole from New Look. I say stupidly because I went out in the lightest coloured outfit to eat very brightly coloured food. When will I learn? 

These Joni jeans are my favorite. I love everything possible about them. The cut, length and the fit. It takes a lot for me to be brave and wear white but I've had so many compliments off of them that getting the courage to wear them doesn't seem a big deal anymore. They're also high waisted which I adore. Anything high waisted is a yes from me, it means you can wear all of those tops which are a little too short - buying the joni's seemed to open up my wardrobe options so much! 

I really like the layered look with this, especially all of the colours seeing as the jeans give it a blank canvas to play with. The orange strap is part of a La senza front closure racer back bra which is great to wear with tops without a conventional strap line. 

The Aztec bralet was a piece which sat in my drawer for a good two years before I really made the effort to wear it. It works well under a plain top to save your dignity if it's is a bit too low or a top that has a wide arm hole (is that what it's called? Haha!) and is nicer to wear than a plain old bandeau. 

I also bought two pieces of head jewellery and this really pretty piece came today! It's a bit much just for dinner but I'm really looking forward to wearing it. And they're so so cheap on eBay if you get them from abroad and don't mind waiting!

cottonandcandie x 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

My hair miracle worker

Anti breakage Keratin oil shampoo and conditioner 

That time has come again. The time where you run out of shampoo and conditioner and embark on the quest to find new and magical hair products that will tame your tresses. You always choose wrong once. Or like me, are always choosing wrong. Yes I want strong, healthy hair but I also want long mermaid hair.. But can we have both? 

So there I was sitting on the floor of Boots peering into the shelves with my hands already laden with bottles when a lady approached me asking if I needed any help. Describing my dilemma she instantly took me towards the OGX range. She recommended Anti Breakage Keratin oil shampoo and conditioner and explained that the keratin proteins in the products strengthen the strands of your hair. Stronger hair means less breakage, which can often be the problem if you seem to have been growing your hair for ages with no success. Breakage can be caused by washing the hair too much, bleaching, brushing and any form of heat applied to the hair, if you simply can't stand to change your hair styling routine then this product needs to be on your shopping list. 

Other benefits of anti breakage keratin oil shampoo and condition are that it smells divine. - There's nothing worse than buying a "miracle worker" for your hair and not being able to stand the smell! 
Being part of the organix range the products also contain argan oil, which gave my hair a great shine - important for us blondies! Blonde can often look dull if you're not careful! 

Only one photo for this blog because I've left both products at uni! Really missing them! 

What's your hair miracle worker? 

cottonandcandie x 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Moody Monday's shopping spree

Yesterday was Monday, any working girl's saddest day of the week. We only just got into the swing of weekend life and now it's been cruelly stripped away like a rug from under our pedicured feet. 

After working 7-3 in the far from glamorous job of a catering assistant I thought I'd treat myself to a little shopping spree. £58.91 later (did I say little shopping spree? Thank god for student discount!) I came out with five  summery pieces from New Look which are just screaming to be taken out to barbecues and pub gardens. 

Firstly I tried on this gorgeous skater dress, the colour is to die for, I'm all about the loud highlighter shades recently. I love the contrast between the fitted black lace and the floaty yellow-green. I think the lace really transforms the simple skater dress look. 

The rest of these are all New Look 915 range, basically the kiddies section - don't be embarrassed to try on and buy children's clothes if you can - remember they're tax free! 

My love for skorts is never-ending. Is there a better thing than looking girlie in a skirt but with the safety of shorts underneath so you can sit cross legged with dignity? No I don't think there is. Eternal love. This bright geometric print drew me in instantly, I've seen a similar pattern on a dress which sadly didn't suit me so I had to grab this! The black crop top is also New Look 915, the large lace trim at the end gives it that extra bit of length which, I think, is a bit more flattering than the boob tube style. 

Another yellow-green hue and another geometric print. I picked this up and knew I didn't really need to try it on. I love these sort of dresses where they can be worn day or night with just a quick change of accessories and shoes. The length of this is also really good for me, a little longer to the knee and my legs can look non existent! 

I love this beachy looking lace dress, there's something about white that makes me think of being at the sea side - abroad soon hopefully! I don't often wear white because I'll get something down it before I leave the house but I'm trying to be brave! Need to be careful in this though because in the right light you can see straight through it! 

What are your recent summer buys? Any shorties out there that know of any other shops that do children's sections or petite? 

cottonandcandie x 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Moreish matte

As promised in my Wireless fest post, a review on Barry M's matte topcoat polish. 

If like me you got giddy with excitement last summer over the Gelly Hi Shine nail paint range by Barry M you'll be as disappointed as I was when you potter through the make up section in Boots and notice that almost all brands are now offering matte polish! In short, for me, matte is the new hi shine. Hmph. After collecting all those gorgeous glossies I now have to buy them all in matte? Nope. 

Browsing through Barry M's extensive range of nail paints to find the perfect present for my flatmate (also a nail polish obsessor) I came across Barry M's matte topcoat. Cheekily, I bought myself a bottle as well as her and I am so glad I did. 

I painted my nails with gelly hi shine Barry M nail paint in various colours, really putting the matte topcoat to the test. On applying a thin layer of matte topcoat you can literally see before your eyes the polish gradually turning to a chalky finish. It even feels different! And because it is a topcoat (something us girls always forget!) it keeps your nails chip free for longer. I painted my nails last Thursday and now six days and a festival later only two look noticeably chipped! 

I was and still am so impressed with this product, an absolute must have for giving your nail polish collection a  completely different dimension. 

Do you know of any other matte topcoats? What are your favourite nail colours for SS14? 

cottonandcandie x

Monday, 7 July 2014

OOTD: Wireless fest

It's Wireless weekend! And by it is I mean it was and it's all finished now :'( 

But here's a festival themed post! 
So for the duration of the three days I wore my trusty white (ish) Converse and on the first day I wore these cute little Primark lace trim white socks.

On the Friday it was one of the hottest days of the year so far - 27 degrees! (Can I get a oooh?) And for me, bra strap tan lines or strap lines of any kind is a no no. So I wore a Primark white strapless top with my bold River Island skort. 

Sunglasses - Topshop, floral hairpiece (would a festival be complete without one!?)- New Look, feather earrings - River Island. 

Day two and this photo was taken in the only sun we had all day! My favourite outfit of the weekend with another skort from Quiz and a floral crop top from New Look. 

Absolute ring overload! L O V E rings from H&M, midi ring by Topshop and pinkie ring from River Island. Post about the new Barry M matte topcoat nail polish soon! 

Also managed to match my statement necklace from Topshop with my hair piece from Primark. Ha this was completely accidental. And sunnies from New Look last year. 

Final day and rain forecast for most of the day: typical England festival weather, right? 
One of my favourite shirts ever, Hype strawberries in space limited edition - one of only 25 ever made! Paired with black highwaisted shorts from my loyal friend Primark. 

Loved my make up that day, credit to Barry M's new brow pen! Absolute make up must have for me right now. Earrings from Topshop, ice cream tee from H&M (this was one of around four outfit changes before I settled on my trusty oversized Hype tee!) 

And last but not least flower power rings! Love the stacker daisy type rings - they look like a mum and baby! All three rings were presents last year so I'm not sure where from. 

Wireless done, next month Reading - where I'm sure we'll see the return of my pacman ghost poncho ;) 

What are your festival fashion must haves? Comment below! 

cottonandcandie x 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pretty in pink

So yesterday I manned up and finally dyed my hair pink with the hair dye the boyfriend bought me for Christmas (I know, seven months it took me!). 

The dye is Rosé by Bleach London, a brand of beautifully bright semi permanent dyes which last 2-10 washes and definitely do not disappoint! 

Zak bought me Rosé which I've used just in time for Wireless fest this weekend and Blullini which I will be using and reviewing just before I go to Reading fest. I feel blue will go more with the grungy vibe? 

Compared to most hair dyes it smells gorgeous. Which makes a change from the ammonia aroma I usually fill the room with when doing my roots - sorry Mum! On opening the bottle the colour looks a cute baby pink as pictured below. 

Do not be fooled. I applied a small amount to a sheet of white paper and the colour was barely noticeable. Came back to it ten minutes later and WOW. Absolute highlighter pink!

Which is the colour it went on my hair! Was very on edge for those painfully long fifteen minutes I had to keep the colour on for! But post wash it went a real candy floss pink which I have fallen in love with. 

The only con to this product for me is that where I recently bleached my roots the colour did not take at all! So it's given me a sort of grown out look, but according to my Nan it doesn't look quite as "loud" so I guess we're all winners! 

cottonandcandie x

Bleach London in Rosé £5 from Boots